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coconut porter
the maui brewing podcast inspired me to try to replicate the coconut porter. I think you could use any porter recipe you want w/ the addition of coconut, but here is mine
Ingredients to add as water is heated and removed when temperature reaches 170°F
0.5lb. 90L Crystal malt, 0.5lb Hugh Baird roasted barley, 0.5 Black patent malt
Ingredients to add at the start of the boil (malt extract, bittering hops, etc.)
3.3 lbs of Coopers Pale LME, 0.6 oz of Nugget pellets (11.8% AA)
Ingredients to add fifteen minutes before the end of the boil (flavoring hops, etc.)
0.75 oz Wllamette pellets (4.6% AA)
Ingredients to add five minutes before the end of the boil (aroma hops, etc.)
3.3 lbs of Coopers Pale LME, 0.5 oz Willamette pellets (4.6% AA)
Add after wort has been cooled to pitching temperature
Wyeast 1056 American Ale
After fermentation is complete: Toast 1-3 lbs of flaked , unsulfured coconut from Bobs Red Mill in the oven till golden brown at 375. I used 3lbs and that filled up two cookie sheets to the max. Put all the coconut in a large grain/strainer bag. Put the bag in your secondary ( you will have to use a bucket). Make sure you tie the bag down or find a way to keep the bag submerged as the coconut is bouyant. I tasted mine after the coconut had been in it for two day's and Holy COW! Very coconutty. Age to taste. Remove coconut bag( I let mine set on the beer for a week before removal) and dump the coconut in your compost pile. Prime and bottle if you want to. I kegged mine and let it age for another 12 days. You might want to go on the lighter side of the coconut reccomendation. I however like the flavor. My friends and I dissapeared this beer in 3 hours. Mahalo

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