Basic Brewing™ Gallery

Douglas Wawrzynski
Douglas Wawrzynski
at the Utah state capitol
with his homebrewing law.

Brian in Bulgaria
Brian from
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
at Boliarka Brewery in Bulgaria
Matt in Shanghai
Matt from
Aurora, Colorado
in Shanghai, China

NHC 2008
At NHC 2008 with
Jeff from Craft Beer Radio and
Craig from Brew Bubbas
Jason from Parker, CO
Jason from
Parker, Colorado
at GABF 2008
Ryan from Rochester
Ryan from
Rochester, Minnesota
at Teach a Friend to Brew day

Chipper Dave
Chipper Dave,
author of
Fermentedly Challenged

Eric at Niagra Falls
Brenda and Eric
from Bossier City, Louisiana
at Niagra Falls
Mazen Hajjar
Mazen Hajjar
of 961 Beer
in Beirut, Lebanon

Douglas Wawrzynski
Douglas Wawrzynski,
Host of
Home Brewing Perspectives
Brewers from Marion, IA
David, Brian, and Michelle
from Marion, Iowa
Jim in Munich
Jim from Westbury, NY
in Munich
for Oktoberfest

Laurie and David at Ommegang
Laurie and David from
Saratoga Springs, NY
at Brewery Ommegang

Wayne from Plainfield, IL
with his buddy
"Big Ben"
Sean in Dublin
Sean in Dublin, Ireland, says
"Go Forth and Flocculate!"
at the Bull and Castle

Eric in Iraq
with a Hunter
UAV unmanned aircraft

Brad Sturgeon and La Folie
Chemistry professor
Bradley Sturgeon
in the halls of knowledge

Andrew from Bakersfield, CA
Andrew from
Bakersfield, California
with his first all grain batch
Tim and Mark with Everest
Mark and Tim from Ashburn, VA
on Mt. Kala Patthar
with Everest in background

Matt from Elkridge, MD
Matt from Elkridge, Maryland
shows off his SNUBA skills
in the Virgin Islands
Jason in Kentucky with Mini
Jason from Kentucky
on Highway 129
with his Mini Cooper

James on Sanibel Island
James Spencer hunts shells
on Sanibel Island, Florida
Kirk from Temecula, CA
Kirk from Temecula, California
with his son at the Grand Canyon
Arnie from Pendleton, OR
Arnie from Pendleton, Oregon
with a famous friend in California
Andy Sparks with Sam Calagione
Andy Sparks with Sam Calagione
of Dogfish Head
Steve Wilkes at NHC in Orlando
Steve Wilkes
sipping Arrogant Bastard
at NHC in Orlando

James Spencer and Andy Sparks at GABF
James Spencer
and Andy Sparks
at their first GABF
James Spencer with John Mallet and Mat Brynildson
James Spencer
with John Mallet of Bell's
and Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker
James and Steve on Gianluca's big TV
James Spencer
and Steve Wilkes
on Gianluca's big TV
in Los Angeles, California

James on a cell phone
James Spencer
at GABF being played
on the cell phone
of John from Adelaide, Australia

Brian Warren with Garth Cambray
Brian Warren
with Dr. Garth Cambray,
mead maker from South Africa
Brian Warren's iPhone
James and Steve
on Brian Warren's nifty iPhone

Andy at Strong Ale Festival
Andy Sparks with Rick of KROC
at Boulder Strong Ale Festival
Andy at Flying Saucer in Dallas
Andy Sparks at Flying Saucer
in Dallas, Texas
James at Long Shot newser
James Spencer covering
the Longshot press conference
with Jim Koch
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