Where's the Amazon Link?

Amazon has abruptly decided to drop Basic Brewing from the Associates program. The reason they gave was:

"You are incentivizing others to visit the Amazon Site by specifying that purchases made using your Special Links will help to support your website."

Now, here we were thinking that the Associates program was a way for small companies and individuals to support their Web sites and blogs and such financially by encouraging their visitors to spend money at Amazon, thus earning a commission. Actually, it appears we were supposed to keep the commission thing a secret and just pretend that the link was a decoration that looked pretty on our page.

Bitter? Us? Nah.

We appreciate those of you who have taken the extra effort over the past several years to click on our link when making purchases. It has given us the freedom to have limited advertising on Basic Brewing Radio. Now, we have to chart a new course and find alternative sources of revenue. That's cool. We'll find more great folks like High Gravity, the American Homebrewers Association and Brewers Publications, who have been very generous with their sponsorship and support.

We're also looking at additional content to send to listeners and viewers who support us financially through our subscription program. Click here to find out more.

Again, if you're finding this page because you're taking extra effort to support the podcasts, we are very grateful. We're looking forward to lots of great stuff in the future!